Statements for August have now been uploaded to the client portal.  August
was an extremely busy month for us as we have been working towards a major
announcement. My colleagues and I are joining one of the world’s largest and
most successful hedge funds as an independent quantitative trading group. We
are still working out details as of this writing but plan to be fully onboarded
by Oct. 1st. A couple of reasons why this is a significant move: 1) we will be
financially backed with a significant amount of trading capital and 2) we will
now have essentially unlimited resources at our disposal. We will be able to
procure top level talent and grow our team substantially. There is a high
degree of correlation between the talent level of your team and returns.

The good news is part of our deal will allow existing accounts to roll over
with us and continue to be managed in the same manner. However, with the new
resources at our disposal we will be expanding our tradeable universe over the
course of the next year. Our goal is to be trading 24hrs a day on the most
liquid futures contracts around the world and I assure you, we will get there.
This will without question drive higher returns across the board.

In any case, the ink is not even dry yet so there will be a transition
process in the coming months. This, however, will not affect trading operations
in any way. I just wanted to share this great news and will pass along any
pertinent details as we move forward.

Happy Labor Day!