Okay – statements have now been uploaded to the portal. Apologies for the delay but had some site maintenance to address.

First off, what a year it’s been. We finished the year +22.08% which outperformed most assets in what was a rough year for most. Despite the relative outperformance, we still fell short of our absolute return goal of 30% for the year. So we try, try again this year! As mentioned, 2022 was rough year in the markets and we anticipate a similar trajectory for 2023. We even believe the market will break last year’s lows at some point. What does that mean for us? I’ve discussed this a bit in the past that as markets move lower on the back of a weak economic backdrop – volatility tends to remain elevated on historical basis. A heightened volatility regime is our sweet spot as it provides our systems with ample opportunity to take advantage of the large moves both long and short. Needless to say, we are excited about the potential trading environment heading into 2023.

Separately, if there is interest – I may do a private webinar sometime in Q1 to discuss our niche approach and how we design and implement our algorithms. I’m extremely passionate about our work and love explaining our operations in more depth. If you have any interest just reach out and I will try and coordinate this at some point in the future.

I hope you all had a wonderful 2022 and am wish you a very prosperous 2023!