Statements have now been uploaded for February to which we finished up +2.1%. Certainly happy about that as it was a very choppy month in terms of daily returns.

A couple of quick announcements – we did a fairly large overhaul of the client portal so the client interface where you check your statements might look a tad different. We fully automated the process of PNL attribution/reconciliation as well as the upload process to the portal. Quite a task but this will improve quality control and most importantly save a tremendous amount of time for back office tasks. Our time is much better spent on actual quantitative research to improve returns. This overhaul will certainly help with that.

Another note – we have mentioned in the past our inability to really scale until we had proper infrastructure in place. After 18 long months or more, we are now getting to a point where we have that ability to scale our operations in a significant way. We’ve upgraded our servers at the CME for faster order routing along with the ability to automate our execution process. In the past, I would execute all orders manually by following the signal generation from our algorithms. As a human, one only has so much bandwidth to monitor multiple markets, etc. Having a machine now do all the execution allows for greater market coverage and per our testing that will drive returns higher although with likely higher variance. One cannot have higher PNL without higher variance, plain and simple. Separately, all of this will allow for us to increase our assets under management and not decay our alphas. We’re finally there!

With all of that said – over the next year we will likely be raising additional capital as well as undergo a rebranding that aligns more with our growth and vision for the future.