Statements are now available on the portal. Hard to believe we’re approaching mid-year already! We finished May up +1.06% despite most of the month being fairly lackluster. There was some volatility at the beginning of the month that dissipated rather quickly then flat most of the month.  We saw a lot of anticipation of market turmoil as the deal with the US debt limit approached, but we knew better.  In my 16 years in the markets, we have seen this situation with the debt limit arise numerous times and it ends the same way every time.  The actual risk of not getting a deal done was extremely low and the market knows that, hence why there was no real risk being priced in.  Same shit, different day in Washington. 

    On the other hand, in-house system automation continues to go quite well.  I could bore you with details all day (stuff we get excited about) but you dear client, really only care about the bottom line.  So we’ll leave it at that and cheers you to another good month in the books. 

PS: Summer is here – so another cheers to that is in order.