I am pleased to inform you that the November account statements are now available for review on the client portal.

This past month, we witnessed an unexpected shift in market dynamics. Despite a notable reduction in equity market volatility, the markets exhibited significant movement, much to our surprise. We observed one of the most robust equity rallies in recent years, spurred by a softening in inflation rates and only a marginal deceleration in economic activity. A topic of keen interest in the financial community is the anticipated course of action from the Federal Reserve. Fortunately, our strategy does not hinge on speculative forecasts; instead, we rely on the robust algorithms of our quantitative models to navigate these market conditions.

In related news, we are excited to announce a significant enhancement to our research capabilities. We have welcomed a senior scientist from Amazon into our team, tasked with spearheading the development of a bespoke Large Language Model (LLM) for our research pipeline. In an era where tools like ChatGPT have become commonplace, we are taking a leap forward with our proprietary version, codenamed “Spartacus.” As our data repositories expand — currently standing at an impressive 4 Petabytes — the complexity of querying and extracting insights from this vast information pool increases. Spartacus is designed to address this challenge, enabling more nuanced and sophisticated data analysis. The pioneering work of our team sets us apart in the industry and is a cornerstone of our strategy to continue delivering robust, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

As always, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of innovation and excellence in serving your investment needs.